Due to the increasing use of the laminated boards nowadays, it’s very important to use a durable and esthetic pvc edge band to protect the exposed and raw edges of the mdf boards from the water and the other factors.
To offer the best quality to our valued customers, and to be able to supply all the possible color matches, we made a partnership with the FORRAST, a specialized Turkish company in manufacturing the high-quality PVC EDGE BAND.
Width: 22mm to 50mm.
thickness: 0.8mm to 2mm.
colors: solid – wooden – metallic – two tone acrylics – marble.

*Any special thickness and width can be manufactured by special orders.
*To see all the available color shades, kindly ask our sales rep. for the color chain.

Hot Melt Adhesive – Edge band
Choosing the best thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive is very important to achieve the optimal results out of the edge banding machines.
Exclusively for our customers, we supply the OPA THERM 915 Glue, from O-PAQ adhesives, that offers the best German Quality for the unbeatable prices.
And for the first time we offer packs in 1kgs, 5 kgs and the regular 25kgs.